“Lets go invent tomorrow
instead of worrying about
happened yesterday.”

Steve Jobs

CastLab Proeftuin a metal playground for the industry

CastLab Proeftuin helps companies, government institutions and engineers speed up lead times for prototypes and
spare parts through innovative production methods and complementary digital services.
New technologies that are central to our service include digital twins, digital warehousing, predictive maintenance, big data analysis, and a rule-based decision system (AI). Struggling to get (critical) metal replacement parts the traditional way? Are you facing high maintenance and inventory costs? Then you’ve come to the right place.

“CastLab Proeftuin focuses on making the manufacturing industry more sustainable through knowledge sharing and partnership development.”

Solutions for the Dutch infrastructure sector

Approximately 70 years ago, the vast majority of Dutch infrastructure was built for a lifespan of 30-50 years. It’s now about 50 years old, or older. The railroad network, bridges, pipelines,  and more have a total replacement value of approximately €360 billion. If something gets stuck, it damages the economy. Maintenance is therefore extremely important. Because many assets are at the end of their lifespan and replacing the entire infrastructure is not possible, solutions can be found insmart maintenance and spare parts that are produced at an acceptable cost. Often, these are unique replacement parts that need to be delivered quickly in the event of failure. CastLab Proeftuin and its partners respond to this need.

A common testing ground

CastLab Proeftuin works in partnership with SMEs and large companies, knowledge institutions and end users . (see partners). We have created a testing ground to exchange innovative ideas and to design, develop and test new technologies and business models for smart maintenance.

“Making the manufacturing industry more sustainable through knowledge sharing and the development of cost-saving, innovative production methods”.

What do we do?

We develop new technologies to manufacture critical parts and predict when they will fail. We develop part databases (digital inventories) and compelling business models to manufacture critical parts at high mix/low volume within a very short timeframe and in a cost-efficient way.

In addition, we use big data, stemming from part inventories, to enable predictive maintenance for sensorless components. When parts cannot be found replaced a supplier no longer exists or drawings are no longer available, we can develop these using various technologies. The part in question can be reproduced and delivered with corresponding drawings and product specifications. We also develop and produce spare parts without a minimum order quantity (starting at 1 piece) , so you can avoid excess stock and lower your costs.

CastLab Proeftuin brings the following partners together::

Scrumble focuses on smart 3D techniques and the use of new, often surprising, materials. That’s what we, as tech-geeks, love.
Fontys University researches new business models and ways to capture product information digitally for metal 3D printing, machining and casting.
Proven Concepts tests and optimizes existing and new work processes, such as the automation of 3D scanning systems – from scan to usable 3D CAD model.
Melis Gieterijen combines modern technologies with years of experience, craftsmanship and in-depth knowledge of casting production techniques, alloys and materials.
CastLab wants to become the spotify of the metal industry through a one-stop-shop. We bring complementary companies and knowledge institutions together to collaborate on spare part and prototyping challenges.
Chemelot brings different disciplines together to develop products that make a difference, using new ideas and fresh approaches.
Dual Inventive believes in rail as a means of transportation of and for the future. They improve railway efficiency using new technology that can greatly reduce maintenance costs and optimize rail capacity.
ColorFabb digitalizes, renews and produces products with short lead times and new techniques. By producing what is needed on demand we avoid high costs, unnecessary storage and surplus stock.